The network of economic and commercial attachés

Brussels Invest & Export has a network of some 90 economic and commercial attachés posted almost everywhere around the world.
They are your contacts and intermediaries on foreign markets.
Feel free to make use of their services. Their assistance is completely free of charge.



Our attachés will brief you about foreign markets, including the regulatory and competitive environment, market entry conditions and existing distribution channels.
If they cannot answer a specific question, they will go and meet local stakeholders to find out the required information.

Tailored support

They will support you on the ground during an individual canvassing trip, trade mission or at international trade fairs and exhibitions.
They will take these opportunities to draw up a schedule of business meetings for you, and subsequently follow up any contacts you have made.
Their network of relationships and excellent knowledge of the market and local practices will make it easier for you to gain access to the authorities and companies in the country.

Identifying opportunities for your products and services

They will provide you with the addresses of potential clients selected according to your business sector.
They will help you find commercial agents and distributors and identify calls for tender.
They can also help you set up a subsidiary or a representative office.

Contact days

Every year, the attachés come to Brussels to meet companies at Contact Days. This is an excellent opportunity to put the finishing touches to your export project with the economic and commercial attaché from the target country.
If you wish to make an appointment, register directly online.

Our commercial attachés worldwide


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Les attachés commerciaux en 2 minutes chrono

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Vidéo attachés économiques

Video testimonial

Discover how FSE International has benefited from the expertise of our economic and commercial attachés during its trade missions abroad.
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