Brussels Young Exporters Program – Market Researcher

A 6 month immersion programme in international trade. In collaboration with Bruxelles Formation and Cefora.

Stagiaires Brussels Young Exporters Program

The "Brussels Young Exporters Program" (BYEP) exists since 2005 and meets genuine demand from SMEs which require specialists to develop their exports to new markets.

Participation requirements

  • Master's or Bachelor's degree
  • Looking for work
  • Resident in Brussels
  • Good language skills
  • And, above all, a passion for international trade!

3-stage course

1. Theory: 4 training modules (8 weeks) taught by trainers with international experience. The programme is also intended to be highly practical.
2. Work placement: 6 weeks' immersion in a Brussels SME in order to find out about its products and its foreign market approach, and prepare to canvass on the ground. A vital step before the next stage.

3. Market research abroad: a real challenge awaits the intern, namely 2 months abroad to carry out market research and test the prospective clients selected during the work placement. The venture is facilitated by Brussels Invest & Export's economic and commercial attaché, who will welcome the intern to their offices and provide assistance throughout the stay.
The course ends with presenting a report and championing it in front of a panel of experts. The successful completion certificate is a real door-opener in the world of international trade.

Commercial module
Strategic and operational marketing
International negotiating technique and communication
Telephone canvassing
Trade fairs and exhibitions abroad
Introduction to geopolitics and macro-economics
Cultural differences
Canvassing techniques
Logistics module
Incoterms 2010 and case studies
Customs and tax regulations
Commercial selection criteria for agents and distributors and comparing contracts
International transport and transport documentation
Standards and certification of products and services
Law module
Legal aspects
Studying contracts of purchase/sale
Finance module
International financial schedule
Business Plan
Payments and international financing techniques
Credit and transport insurance


Practical information

The programme is available in 2 languages: French and Dutch.


Start of the next programme: January 2017

Start of the next programme: January 2017


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