Brussels Best Exporters 2017

On June 28, the name of the two "Brussels Best Exporters 2017" winners were announced during a ceremony at the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Palace of Fine Arts) in Brussels.

Lauréats 2017

Winner in the Goods category: ERTMS Solutions

ERTMS Solutions was founded in 2008 and is specialised in developing electronic and software products that aim to optimise the safety and profitability of railway signalling. ERTMS supplies products adapted to each local technology and exports mainly to Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Vidéo: portrait de ERTMS Solutions

Nominees :

Winner in the Services category: SatADSL

SatADSL is a supplier of communication services via satellite, who offers an innovating solution to companies and professionals working in isolated regions that are difficult to reach in Africa and the Middle East. This Brussels SME, created in 2011, has already installed over 3000 VSATs in more than 40 countries and has developed its technology with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Vidéo: portrait de SatADSL

Nominees :
  • 87 seconds: creative agency specialised in video strategy and production
  • Optimy: managing software for sponsoring and patronage activities meant for foundations and sponsors.

The Brussels Best Exporters prizes reward and spotlight the Brussels SMEs that are the best performing and most dynamic on foreign markets, both in the goods sector and in the services sector.

These prizes support the traditional tasks with regard to guiding Brussels companies on foreign markets, and serve a triple aim: reward the companies whose export activities are flourishing the most, offering them visibility and stimulating the Brussels dynamism abroad.

Brussels Invest & Export awards two "Brussels Best Exporter" prizes:

  • A "Brussels Best Exporter" prize in the Goods category.
  • A "Brussels Best Exporter" prize in the Services category.

The Brussels Best Exporters 2017 are open to all companies exporting goods or services of which the registered office has been established in the Brussels Capital Region for at least three years. They also have to respond to the European definition of an SME and they have to record growing and significant success with regard to their export.

31 applications were filed, which not only shows a real Brussels dynamism where export is concerned, but also the interest companies show in this kind of initiative.

  • 12 companies applied for the "Goods" category
  • 19 companies applied for the "Services" category

The jury consists of export specialists that know the entrepreneurial fabric of the Brussels Capital Region particularly well and representatives from the business world and academic circles.

  • Bénédicte Wilders, jury chairwoman, Brussel Invest & Export
  • Jean-Claude Daoust, BECI
  • Françoise Gilain, RTBF
  • Philippe Haspeslagh, Vlerick
  • Luc Huysmans, Trends
  • Nabil Jijakli, Credendo Group
  • Katrien Mondt, Innoviris
  • Sandra Rothenberger, Solvay Business School
  • Robert Van Apeldoorn, Trends-Tendances
  • Nathalie Van Hoorebeek, EY
  • Tania Van Loon, Impulse.Brussels
  • Serge Vilain, Finance.Brussels

As specified in the rules, the jury measures the performance of the companies using the following criteria:

1.    Increase of the export turnover in the past three years
2.    Share of the export in the total sales
3.    Financial health of the company
4.    Acquisition of new foreign markets
5.    Prospection efforts
6.    Innovating and competitive nature of the product/service
7.    Existence of a lasting presence abroad -> distributor / agent / branch / subsidiary / franchise network or other (to specify)
8.    Marketing strategy abroad as used in the past three years
9.    Evolution of the total payroll over the past three years
10.    Hiring or keeping staff (employees or other) that deals directly or indirectly with the export
11.    Ethical and sustainable nature of the export activities.

Apart from a diploma and a trophy (Perspective Movement), the two winning companies will receive a reimbursement from Brussels Invest & Export for the expenses they made for one or more initiatives among the ones described below, for a maximum amount of €5,000:

  • Prospection mission abroad
  • Networking activity abroad
  • Website dedicated to the export
  • Communication medium dedicated to the export

The six nominated companies will each receive the video clip illustrating their application, which has been presented during the award ceremony.

Thanks to the Prize's sponsors, each of the six nominated companies will also receive language training and two airline tickets for prospection trips.


The prizes were awarded during a ceremony that took place on Wednesday June 28 in the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Bozar), in the presence of Ms Cécile Jodogne, the Brussels Capital Region's State Secretary for Foreign Trade, as well as Brussels Invest & Export's international network of economic and commercial attachés. Annick Capelle moderated the event.


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